Kassel was founded in 2012 from Mr. Kastriot Ponari (as sole partnership). He entered in the construction market offering the best and most quality services in the Albanian market.
The company owns licenses for projecting and supervision of different works in civil engineering, urban planning, industrial engineering, technology, hydro works etc.
In the center we have our clients and national and international partners, offering them quality, safety and professionalism.
With a qualified staff we set the standard of our services and products very high by offering European certified products and services.
Kassel is the company where you will find everything quality, safety and correctness.


The main objective of Kassel is to become a leader in all the fields where it operates being a company specialized in the services of
consultancy and expertize in field like civil engineering and infrastructure, for all clients inside and outside Albania.

Scaffolding Factory

Phase one of the site constructions.