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2011 AAAS/Subaru Essay Competition for K12 Educators In February 2011, five science teachers were honored with the AAAS Article Writing Competition Award because of their documents on planning science training ideas and integrating research trade textbooks to the class. The accolades, of offered at the AAAS Annual Meeting in California, D.C two teachers as several and champions as mentions. These five, picked from entries from over the Usa, were harvested for their prosperity of information about getting impressive science in to the classroom. Opposition Details This yearis tournament is currently closed. Science NetLinks is very happy to declare that its annual AAAS/Subaru Article Writing Competition for E–12 Educators is currently available for submissions. Your competition, which is ready to accept teachers from your United States and Europe, offers the opportunity to talk about their information on adding technology business textbooks in to the class in a brief article and building technology training plans to academics. Up to five teachers may get the ability to attend the 2011 AAAS Annual Meeting in D.C March. Complete enrollment will be received by each champion towards 175 stipend for vacation, an $1, the assembly -related expenses, as well as a membership to SB&amp.

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More info concerning the competition are available here. The timeline for submission was Wednesday, Dec 13, 2010. Winners Honorable Mentions Join Up!

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